creative wellness .



I am an empath and a creative who is passionate about self-care practices, especially for others who are creatively inclined. I promote the incorporation of mental health and mindfulness into people’s lives, regardless of age and/or lifestyle. Within my personal self-care routine, I create collages, write poetry, maintain a journal, and practice yoga. However, this didn’t happen overnight. I, too, had to go through a challenging process of self-discovery and growth to get to this point.

As a first generation Asian-American, I had high expectations put on me and eventually I put even more expectations on myself. It took me years of reflecting and studying the psychology of others, until I realized I had things within myself to look at. My achievements on the surface made for well concealed bouts of self doubt and depression. Through personal therapy and a development of clinical level of skills through my Masters education, I got to this point of wanting to encourage others to find what feeds their soul (and what to do when things don’t).